Casino Birthday Party

If you have somebody turning 21 you could consider a Casino party. This gives you the safety and security you might want from a 21st birthday party, where a simple bar or club might not fit. I’ve been planning a surprise party for my sister-in-law since last month, but now her mother is asking me if we could take the theme in another direction.

She recently learned how to play Texas Hold ’em, and she loves it. They wanted to go to Vegas, but seeing as she isn’t even 21 yet she can’t really afford it right now, so we want to bring Vegas to her. Which is something her mother isn’t quite hot on. I say “her” mother instead of my mother-in-law, because she married in and she is my husbands step-mother and my sister-in-laws biological mother, which makes for a little bit of family drama. But back to Vegas. Unfortunately, we’re on a little bit of a budget too. We’re expecting probably 25 people to our house, and we want to do food, decorations, everything for about $250 ($300 max). And this seems like a creative idea for this kind of coming of age party. We already have 2 sets of poker chips, which cuts down on the extra expense.