Thai Iced Tea

A couple of weeks ago I had a glass of Thai iced tea and fell in love. If you will be hosting a tropical party theme then this is definitely something that should be on your refreshment list. I’m kind of sensitive to caffeine since I don’t drink anything with it, and it made me a little giddy too.

The next day we went to the Asian grocery store and bought a one-pound bag of Thai tea which I honestly thought we would never finish. I made some up in Saul’s coffee maker (after cleaning out any coffee residue, of course) and it was amazing! And orange! And I’ve been drinking it a lot! I ran out after filling the coffee maker with water, and only adding about half as much tea as I needed. I made up the difference with the only other loose – leaf tea we had on hand which was jasmine tea and it tastes good, but weird, and not what I wanted! So we went back to the store today to get more Thai tea, and I just finished the last of the weird Thai-jasmine tea.

In Bangkok, apparently, they serve Thai iced tea in a plastic bag with a straw.