Bridal Shower Update

Saturday was Mandy’s bridal shower. It was a lovely event being hosted by her dearest friends, who took great care in the plans that they made for the celebration. One of them things that they did a great job at was picking the colors for the bridal shower. I had a lot of fun choosing the arrangements for the bridal shower..

When I have a friend who gets married, I try to come up with something they will need or want, along with making a few objects for bride’s past. Usually the end result is a something very personal and sentimental.

Interviewing Julie, I knew that her theme was boho, her colors were orange, green and blue, and that they were thinking about getting these beautiful colors together. This probably excited me the most because I know SOMEDAY when we get married, this is the way we want to try, so it was perfect for me because now this sort of acts as a dry run for me and I can see if the shower I picked for them works for me as well.